Creatify AI:Create Video Ads In Second

Creatify AI

Creatify AI is an AI-based platform that helps you to create video ads for your campaign within a second and save the time and cost which is required to create ads manually.

Creatify AI offers a platform for marketers or salespersons to create high-quality advertisement ads in a few minutes, you just upload product descriptions and images and wait for it to create ads for you.

How creatify AI works?

When you input the description,creatify AI tries to analyze the text so, that it can create ads beyond the imagination of the user. You have to perform some tasks while creating ads like:

  • You can choose the stock images from the collection or you can upload your image whatever you want to see in video ads.
  •  You can select a voice that sounds like a human.
  •  lastly, with just one click creativity will create ads for you with voice and images


  • create video ads in one click
  • Creatify generate script for video ads by examine you input details of product.
  • wide collection of voices ,avatar and Footage.
  • Text overlays,animations

Who can use Creatify AI?

  • Agencies and Freelancers
  • ecommerce Businesses
  • Influencers and content creators

In this AI era, AI replacing or automating repetitive tasks,to create video ads people have to hire some, and invest money and time there are but now there are a number of ai tools out there, you just have to explore the best AI tools in your field that can automate your work so that you can put your effort in somewhere else.

This is how Creatify AI is changing the way people are creating Ads for their business. So, try to explore it.

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