Humata AI:Document Analytics Platform

Humata AI is an artificial intelligence tool that analyzes, understands, and extracts information from document files.Humanta AI uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning.Cyrus Khajvandi and Dan Rasmuson, AI experts, developed it.

Human AI help user to save their time by extracting insight from complex or lengthy document file.

Your document file may be:

  • Legal contracts
  • Research Papers
  • book
  • Financial report
  • Business Document.etc

If you start to use this Humata AI,it will work like an AI chatbot, but here you ask questions related to your document content.But i will say Humata AI is a paid platform, but it offers free access to up to 60 pages.

Humata AI Features:

Here, you can use different document formats, like pdfs,word documents, PowerPoint, etc.

  • It will quickly summarize documents and help you free up time for more valuable tasks. Humata tries to uncover all the insights in documents that may be impossible for humans in less time.
  • It will help you boost to your productivity.
  • You can also check your history document when required.
  • You can upload as many documents as you want, and you can get an answer quickly related to your file content.
  • Also provide citation features, which means whatever is extracted from the file for your question,text will be highlighted in the file so that you know where it came from.
  • Humata AI supports over 80 languages.

Humata AI is useful for many professionals, like lawyers,students, researchers, and for general use.

If a student starts to use this tool, it will provide instant key concepts for better understanding, improve information retention, and reduce exam prep stress.

Overall. In this AI era, Humata AI will be required by most professionals because of its unique features.

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