Fliki AI:Turn Your Words into Videos

Fliki AITurn Your Words into Videos

Fliki AI is an AI-based tool that helps you make a video or speech from text. Yes, you heard right if you want to create a video, just write it. Fliki can make a video that looks realistic  created by a human.

If you are a content creator and require more content in video form, then this will be the best platform for you. You can easily use Fliki to create audiobooks,podcasts, and if you need just voice, you can also do so.

Most people are not interested in making videos with their faces, but you know you are living in the AI age. If you are not confident with your camera, then Fliki will help you start your journey as a content creator.

Key features:

  • Text to audio or video conversion
  • Fliki offering 75+ languages and with 700+ voices
  • Not sound like robotic
  • in free plan,you receive 5 minutes of credit per month
  • You can convert your blog,PPT,Tweet into video
  • You can choose voice style while creating
  • It help you to clone your own voice

Fliki offer:

  • Free plan – 5 min/month, watermarked video Free plan
  • No watermark Standard($21/month)- 180 min/month
  • Premium($66) – Extra features and customization

Fliki AI is the best and most demanding AI tool for video creation that increases their content production processes, and this Fliki AI offers an API to access these features as well. If you require more, you can integrate it into the existing app or web

Overall,Fliki AI is a text-to-video /speech generator tool with a vast library of over 700 human and robotic voices that allows users to help in their content creation journey, and this Fliki AI work on a large AI model, will be the best companion if you use it in your work.

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