IdeaBuddy: AI Business Planning Tool

IdeaBuddy is a AI based platform that helps people to plan their own businesses,IdeaBuddy uses AI to make your business plans,strategy and financial forecasts.

It provides space to make your business planning in one place.


  • Easy to use: IdeaBuddy is easy to use and provides an appealing design flow for business plan.
  • Collaboration: Teams can collaborate on plans and share their thought to facilitates transparency
  • IdeaBuddy helps users to outline business plans,structure models, and give unique ideas.


  • Limited features: some users think the design options are limited.
  • In cheaper plans,few features are available, and if you want more, you have to upgrade.

Who can use IdeaBuddy?

  • Student who wants to learn how to make business plans.
  • People who are starting new companies need clarity to make business plans.
  • Teams who want to collaborate and strategize on business.

Overall,IdeaBuddy tries to provide a number of tools at one one place to plan and start a’s AI features give more clarity in your business.

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