contentatscale: AI Detector Tool

In this AI era, if you want to find or check whether written content is AI-generated or human-generated, this ContentAtScale tool will help you scan it with 99% accuracy.

AI content is overloaded on the internet, and users blindly believe in the written content. If the content is human-written, then it is good, but if the content is AI-generated, then it is difficult to know the authority of the AI-generated content.

So if you also love to learn from experienced writers who always write the content from their heart, then it will be good to scan the content with an AI detector before reading if you prefer to read by blog.


ContentAtScale has a number of features which set it apart from other AI detector tools.

  • Detecting AI generated text: This is a simple process; simply copy the text you want to check if it is human-written or generated by an AI and paste into  the search box.Within a few seconds, this tool highlighted the text in green, yellow, orange and red.

  • AI-generated content is represented in red.
  • The color green indicates content created by humans.
  • Yellow indicates that the content is most likely generated by AI or humans.
  • Orange indicates that the content show robotic.

  • Free to Scan: This tool is partially free but sufficient for you. It limits the number of words while scanning, but if you have a long article, you can scan it by parts.
  • In a couple of seconds, you can detect AI-written text in the article.
  • You don’t have to sign up initially when you start to scan with this AI detector tool.
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